Achilles UVDB Audit

Inova Gates Limited have just completed another annual Achilles UVDB audit and take great pride in achieving a 100% score again this year across all areas of the audit.

We provide high quality Automatic Cantilevered Sliding Security Gates in the UK and Ireland and are able to share on an online platform our capabilities in the key business areas that are so important, such as health, safety and compliance.

Achilles UVDB is used by over 1000 buyers from over 40 UK utilities companies to find suitably qualified suppliers. Achilles works to ensure suppliers’ information is accurate via data validation, and desktop and physical audits. Several buying organisations also use the community as an approved mechanism for tendering for contracts above and below EU threshold contracts – streamlining the procurement process.

Because we work very closely with a number of high-profile clients i.e. The National Grid, EDF Energy, ESB Networks, the Royal Mail and The ODA being a member of the Achilles Utilities Community is essential to give our Customers peace of mind and open up further opportunities for our Company. We are currently deploying many Inova specialised sliding gate systems into various Power Stations, Sub- Stations, Treatment Plants and Local Authorities etc. throughout the UK and Ireland.

Inova Gates Limited is the answer to all your security needs.

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