Industrial Sliding Gates

The Industrial sliding gate offers a great opening width and many more features which make it our top rate product in the line of  INOVA sliding gates. Wherever a gate with maximum performance, security and reliability is required, INOVA Industrial is just the right choice.


High Performance – In Every Situation

Because of their durable design, INOVA Industrial sliding gates can be deployed in all kinds of demanding industries. Beyond the robust product design in form of a welded steel construction, every INOVA sliding gate is driven by a powerful AC motor, installed in the lower beam. This set-up protects the gate from external influences such as weather or vandalism. Once an INOVA sliding gate has been correctly installed at its destination, there are no high follow-up costs to be expected. The drive is integrated in the lower beam which makes it extremely low-maintenance. The extensive performance reserves ensure reliable operation, even during short opening and closing cycles. In addition, we offer a variety of extra equipment which allows you to customize your sliding gate, both technically and visually.


• solid, cantilevered steel construction designed for highly frequented car and truck entrances
• opening width of 16 meters, two-leaf version up to 32 meters; no bottom rail required
• sufficient performance reserves ensure reliable operation even under extreme stress
• AC motor integrated in the lower beam protected from weather and tampering
• we offer special gate designs to fulfill individual customer requirements
• seamless integration into your security concept through a wide variety of extra equipment


• steel gate leaves with bar infill, aluminum anti-wear strip and tensioning device
• 5 active safety contacts and 2 photoelectric switches for maximum accident prevention
• drive power of up to 0.75 kW, integrated in the lower beam
• maximum corrosion protection through galvanisation and double powder coating
• available in all standard RAL colours (6005, 7016, 7030, 9010) and in Inometallic
• the high operating speed of 25 cm/s allows short opening and closing cycles


• programming, for example for interlock control, gate or barrier systems or traffic light control
• high speed mode that allows opening and closing speeds of up to 0.4 m/s
• different control options, for example via mobile phone or card reader
• special gate infills such as sheet metal, perforated sheet metal or customized profiles
• higher performance design, for example for extremely short opening/closing cycles or for gates on sloping ground
• almost unlimited choice of special colours
• many more optional extras available – please contact us to find out more


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