Standard Sliding Gates

With a well-thought-out combination of equipment, the INOVA standard gate is the economically attractive choice when deciding for one line of INOVA sliding gates. Our priority is to offer you a secure and high-quality solution.


INOVA Standard – more than you expect
The standard sliding gate is tailored to the essential needs of our customers, such as up to 20 operation cycles per day and a gate passage of up to 9 meters. As we focus on combining functional performance characteristics with high-quality standards to build durable sliding gate that are cost-effective.

In case you require a gate with additional features or properties, please also look at our line of INOVA Industrial sliding gates. Click here to find a detailed comparison of our different lines of INOVA sliding gates.

INOVA Sliding Gates – Always One Step Ahead
Over 40 years of experience combined with high standards for quality and safety, make this classic sliding gate of the INOVA standard line a safe investment.


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