R H Irving

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R H Irving Industrials Ltd, Blackett House, Matfen, Northumberland
Gallagher Premier PowerFence Design and Installation Nationally Specialising in Utilities
Tel: 01661 855294

Email: info@rhi-industrials.co.uk    Web: www.rhi-industrials.co.uk

R H Irving Industrials Limited is one of the UK’s leading contractors in the field of security system installation.

R H Irving Industrials are responsible for some of the largest 10kv Electric Fencing systems in the UK. From specification, design, supply, installation and the maintenance of intelligent systems, our specialist skills are geared to fulfilling every aspect of a client’s security requirements. Repeat orders from a varied client base confirm our reliability, and our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none.

With R H Irving Industrials all aspects of your requirements are met by just one contractor, including specification, design, supply, installation and the maintenance of intelligent security systems and 10 Kv induced pulse fencing and specialist electric fencing .

RH Irving can provide system interfacing using CCTV, perimeter systems and remote monitoring to protect your site, warehouse or compound. The investment in such systems can result in financial savings over traditional man-guarded sites.

At R H Irving Industrials we have had the foresight to see that just CCTV or physical measures are not enough these days. We are able to offer one or all the disciplines required to secure any site whatever size – even to the point of including custom made bespoke , automatic, electric and cantilever gates with the Inova specialist gate range. The Inova specialist gate range can incorporate bespoke 10 Kv induced pulse fencing and 10 Kv electric fencing.

Contact RH Irving
[twocol_one]RH Irving Industrials Ltd
Hylton House,
Borders Business Park, Longtown, Carlisle,
CA6 5TD[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Tel : 01228 792777
Fax : 01228 792888

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