Silverline Aluminium Gates

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Elegant Modern Design

Inova Silverline automatic gates combine the reliability of our Inova drive, safe technology and the technical advantage of aluminium construction.


  • Distinctive – Up to 15m freestanding clearance width.
  • Easy to Use – Simple opening and closing operation of aluminium gate.
  • Cost-Effective -Innovative patented design principle.
  • Reliable & Low-Maintenance
  • Certainty – Activation cards and photoelectric switches are the industry standard.
  • Flexible – Extensive configuration options


These automatic gates are manufactured as a modular design. This means that the lower beam profile is made up of a small number of combined profiles which is very cost-effective. Through this patented design principle the lower gate beam varies from 200mm to 440mm for the light transit widths of up to 15m clear opening.

Drive & Security

The Silverline automatic gate engine is protected in the lower beam manipulations and ensures sufficient power reserves for a reliable operation even in adverse weather conditions.

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