The robust Kentaur turnstiles are used for external protection and separation of persons. From turnstiles for people to special turnstile variants with bicycle door or barrier-free revolving door – with the modular Kentaur product line we create the perfect solution for your needs.


Passing through with a good feeling

A special feature of the Kentaur turnstiles is the innovative end-point locking system. With this, the risk of being locked or trapped in a turnstile is finally a thing of the past. The turnstile can be stopped and turned back at any time up to the half of the rotational movement. If the rotational movement has already been completed by more than half, the system can simply be left in the released direction. The rotation speed is optimally adjusted to the passer-by all the time.

  • Designed for continuous operation with a capacity of up to 20 persons per minute
  • End-point locking system prevents accidental locking up of passers-by
  • Tripping hazards are avoided by individual adjustment of the rotation speed • Double systems allow for turnstile combinations even in confined spaces
  • Turnstile brackets and beams are made of robust stainless steel …
  • … and are therefore ideally suited for permanent use indoors and outdoors

Suitable for

  • Industrial or commercial premises
  • High security facilities such as prisons or military facilities
  • Public facilities such as airports, harbours, museums or libraries
  • Leisure facilities such as concert halls, theme parks, stadiums, sports facilities or outdoor swimming pools
  • Car parks or bicycle garages

The modular system

The Kentaur product line is characterized by its “mix and match” principle: First, you decide on a single, multiple or space-saving double system. You have the choice between 2-, 3- or 4-leaf systems. Components such as beams, roofs, conductive and barrier elements can be flexibly combined with each other. Thus, the optimal solution for your requirements will be configured.


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