Boom Barriers

Comprehensive perimeter protection also includes the separation of persons and especially vehicles. Our barriers are used for reliable access control and, especially together with INOVA sliding gates form an effective unit for securing access areas.

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Boom Barriers for every purpose

At first sight, barriers are a “simple” product. However, if you look at the details, you will notice that the differences between individual models are significant.

Starting with varying passage widths, differences in opening/ closing speeds, up to control extensions – barriers are versatile products.

In addition to high quality, the aesthetics of our products are of particular importance to us. Our barriers have been awarded several design prizes for their striking design.

With tree lengths of up to 10 m and short opening hours, our barrier systems are designed for highly frequented entrances of public and industrial facilities. Our barriers often have a service life of 10 million movement cycles.

The heart of the barriers is the drive unit. Like our INOVA sliding gates, the barriers are low-maintenance, energy-efficient and quiet.

Vario Boom or Micro-Boom

Only a suitable barrier boom makes a barrier what it should be – a reliable element in the perimeter-security of industrial premises and parking lots. Here is a wide range of options that make more or less sense depending on the application.

VarioBoom: – The striking feature of the Varioboom barriers is the discrete appearance of its housing. Due to the “bended arm” the total height of the housing can be minimised without reducing the barrier height.

MicroBoom: – The MicroBoom housing is slightly higher on purpose: Due to the design, a longer clear width can be realized. In addition, it is possible to accommodate barrier beams with a barrier grid.

INOVA security concept

Take advantage of our know-how regarding complex sliding gate / barrier combinations. Our experts will be happy to work with you to develop a security concept perfectly tailored to your needs.


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