Cantilevered Telescopic Sliding Gate

The design of the telescopic sliding gate is based on the reliable INOVA Industrial sliding gate. This gate is made up of three leaves that slide in a staggered format. It is ideal in driveways, where the run back is very restricted, and a maximum clear opening must be achieved.


The Space Sensation Among INOVA Sliding Gates
In some car and truck entrances, the local conditions require an ingenious solution. Wherever space is limited but a wide entrance is needed, the telescopic sliding gate is the perfect choice.

Using three telescopic leaves reduces the required run back: The middle leaf is stacked between the two outer leaves which run parallel to one another. This can reduce the run back by up to 30 %, compared to a single leaf gate. Like all INOVA sliding gates, the telescopic sliding gate reaches an operating speed of up to 25 cm/s.

Telescopic Sliding Gates Require Special Safety Precautions

The sliding movement of the leaves creates shearing edges on the telescopic sliding gate which require special protection. We recommend our customers to fully encase the run back area with a reach-through protection fence. High-quality gate infills prevent body limbs from reaching through any openings and thus minimize the risk of injury. The following infills are available: safety wire mesh sheets, sheet metal, perforated sheet metal or stainless-steel mesh. These options can also be combined. As goes for all INOVA sliding gates, safety is the highest priority. This means our telescopic sliding gate meets the safety requirements of DIN EN standard 12453.This standard specifies the necessity of five active safety contacts and two photoelectric switches.


• three gate leaves with safety infills for reach-trough protection according to DIN EN ISO standard 13857

• 5 active safety contacts and 2 photoelectric switches for maximum accident prevention

• drive power of up to 0.75 kW, integrated in the lower beam

• maximum corrosion protection through galvanisation and double powder coating

• available in all standard RAL colours (6005, 7016, 7030, 9010) and in Inometallic

• high operating speed of 25 cm/s allows short opening and closing cycles


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